May 22, 2008

We are off and running!

Our office suite is now open and looking good! On Wednesday, May 21st we started MAT 501, Principles of Athletic Training, the first professional phase course to be taught in the program. The students are enthusiastic and things are going well...

The Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training had a barbecue to welcome this year's students into the Professional Phase of the AT and PT programs. The day was beautiful and the food was delicious! Our new faculty member, Darcy Downey, was in town to go house hunting (which was a success by the way)...she stopped in at the barbecue to get acquainted!

Group photo of the AT professional students and faculty:
Darcy Downey, Kellie Black, Ilene Chambers, Heather King, Eric Sass & Tony Breitbach.

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