December 30, 2009

Winter Exercise Story from SLU Quoted Across the World

Many different media outlets have utilized quotes from an article quoting Tony Breitbach, the Director of SLU's Athletic Training Education Program.

Here are some of the links:

First Coast News, WTLV NBC-12 and WJXX ABC-25 - Jacksonville, FL

WGBA NBC-26, Green Bay, WI

WCAX-TV 3, Burlington, VT


KAIT ABC-8, Jonesboro, AR

WKRN ABC-2, Nashville, TN

WXIX FOX-19, Cincinnati, OH

WAVE NBC-3, Louisville, KY

WTOC CBS-11, Savannah, GA

KPAX CBS-8, Missoula, MT

WBTV CBS-3, Charlotte, NC

KTVN CBS-2, Reno, NV

Yahoo Health


MSN Health

The Times of India


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