September 23, 2011

Advocates for Injured Athletes Foundation Looks to Place Certified Athletic Trainers in Every High School

The Advocates for Injured Athletes Foundation, founded by Tommy and Beth Mallon in response to the care Tommy received by Athletic Trainer Riki Kirchoff after Tommy suffered a cervical spine injury in a high school lacrosse game. 

AIA's Mission:
To help keep athletes safe

AIA's Goal:
To eventually have a certified athletic trainer on every high school campus in America

A traumatic injury leaves athletes and their families in a state of shock and chaos. Three million to five million injuries occur on the athletic field every year in the U.S. in both competition and recreation. Our mission is to provide education, resources, and support programs that will help injured athletes thrive.

Through our programs and strategic alliances, AIA seeks to strengthen injury prevention in high school sports by promoting the use of Certified Athletic Trainers. In addition, we will provide grants that enable high schools to employ full-time athletic trainers and will work to identify injured athletes that can benefit from our support network and resource center.

Go to the AIA website:


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