November 12, 2011

SLU AT Program Faculty and Students Participate in Healthfest

The Saint Louis University Athletic Training Education Program participated in Healthfest at the St. Louis Science Center on November 12, 2011.  Healthfest featured health and medical oriented activities by dozens of community organizations and 100's of familes from the St. Louis region.  The SLU AT program’s presentation featured experiential activities based on principles of balance, agility and quickness.  The program was developed by Dr. Tim Howell and the students in SLU’s MAT Class of 2012: Leah Egeland, JJ Hannigan, Kacey Morrison and Kemba Noel-London.
Activities included speed/agility ladders, balance mats, dyna-discs, BOSU balls and a Star Excursion Mat.  An instructional video was developed to assist the students in the presentation, which was done in the Science Center’s Life Sciences lab.  The SLU AT program is dedicated to advocacy of the AT profession in the region and an informational brochure was developed and distributed to attendees for that purpose. 
SLU AT students Ryan Vallo, Alex Sawyer and Maggie Meier (left to right)
Dr. Tony Breitbach, Program Director, (middle) pictured with SLU AT students Adriana Black, AJ Butler, Bridget Quirk and Mary Finkenkeller (left to right)

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