May 14, 2015

SLU MAT Class of 2015 Celebrates Graduation at Doisy College Pre-Commencement Ceremony

The Saint Louis University Master of Athletic Training Class of 2015 graduates were recognized on Thursday, May 14, 2015 in the Doisy College of Health Sciences Pre-Commencement Ceremony at Chaifetz Arena.

The following students graduated with the Master of Athletic Training degree:
Aaron, Michael
Ahlstrom, Christian J.
Costabile, Emily A.
Doherty, Connor P.
Griffith, John "Mike"
Harris, Joshua M.
Kane, Shannon M.
Kelley, Kayla N.
Kim, Juhyung
Koops, Brittany
Lampe, Andria M.
Lycett, Victoria C.
Mendez, José M.
Miller, Chris
Mosello, Anthony M.
Plamp, Stuart W.
Rath, Will B.
Reid, Eldon R.
Stepansky, Hilary

Following the ceremony, the SLU MAT Class of 2015 joined with their families, friends; and SLU AT Program Faculty and Staff to celebrate at John McGurk's Restaurant in Soulard.  At the celebration, the following graduates were honored with program awards:

Academic Excellence (highest GPA in professional coursework):  Hilary Stepansky
Clinical Excellence:  Michael Aaron, Kayla Kelley and Hilary Stepansky
Professional Service:  Kayla Kelley
Community Service: Jose Mendez

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