November 10, 2017

SLU AT Students Use Real-World Examples to Teach First-Year Health Professions Students About Athletic Training

Health Sciences Learning Community "Crash Reel" Night
By: Caitlin Gibson. with Alex Hubbs and Pat O'Neill (SLU MAT Class of 2018)

On November 9th, along with Dr. Kitty Newsham, we gave a presentation on Achilles tendinopathy and ruptures. Our audience was the freshman Health Sciences Learning Community. This Learning Community consists of many different majors: nursing, physical therapy, athletic training, etc. Different presentations are given throughout the year to these students to give them a snapshot of the different health science professions. 

This presentation allowed us to give a more rounded idea of what an athletic trainer does. While majority of the time athletic trainers are viewed for emergency response care, we wanted to highlight the importance that our profession has on the rehabilitation aspect in our scope of practice. 

Our presentation consisted of a real-world videos of Achilles ruptures (single impact or due to over-use), epidemiology, anatomy, pathophysiology, pathokinematics, surgical techniques, nonsurgical rehabilitation exercises and post-op rehab exercises. We had the learning community practice preventative exercises and exercise to do after a surgical repair.  We also went over taping for Achilles tendinopathy and a few students got to feel what it is liked to be taped.  

This opportunity allowed us to provide information to students on the different settings an AT can be in and provide information on Achilles tendinopathy in a real-world context. 

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