April 25, 2023

SLU AT Student participates in hands-on patient care in high school setting

By Alex Davis (MAT Class of 2023)

This semester, I returned back at Alton High School learning more from Andy Renner.  So far, we have been covering basketball and wrestling, helping athletes through their rehab, and I have been studying for the BOC exam.  This has been a great experience having Andy as one of my mentors.  He is a great teacher and a great athletic trainer that does not get many SLU students due to the distance between the school and campus.  These past few weeks have been exciting watching the girls’ basketball team work their way to sectionals and being able to help with the MVC tournament at Enterprise center last week with fellow SLU students.  

This experience has helped me become better at all my skills as a future AT and it has been great getting to experience this with Andy.  It is awesome getting to learn about how he came into the profession, and it is also a great to be with someone that is apart of an organization that I will so become a part of (IATA vice president).  He has helped me study for the BOC exam and helped me understand what I need to do for licensure and gave me suggestions on where to get my continuing education credits after I graduate.

This has been a wonderful school year getting to learn from Andy and being with the athletes at   Alton High School

This is one of a series of posts authored by students enrolled in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program. The number of clinical sites, the quality and diversity of the clinical experience opportunities, and the contemporary expertise of our preceptors are strengths of the CAATE Accredited SLU AT Program.

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