August 05, 2023

SLU AT Student gains hands-on experience with Mississippi State University's football team

By Claire Love (MAT Class of 2024)

This summer I have been given the incredible opportunity to complete field experience with SEC west powerhouse Mississippi State University's Football Team. In just a short time here I have grown tremendously. I have had the opportunity to use new modalities such as Laser, Winback and hivamat. I have the opportunity to challenge athletes during rehabs by using machines such as the kineo, BFR, and hydroworx treadmill. But more than having the opportunity to use the newest and coolest modalities I have gotten to learn from my incredible preceptor Jake Goluszka, M.S., LAT, ATC and the entire MSU football athletic training staff. Everyday I truly get to see a collaborative team approach to athlete centered healthcare. Whether it is how can we challenge this person more during a rehab session? Or needing another set of hands and eyes doing an evaluation, our staff is completely bought to get the athletes back to 100%. And this is something that I have noticed not only in our athletic training staff, but our team doctors, our nutritionist, and strength and conditioning staff. It is truly a team effort and I am so lucky to be a part of it. 

Being in such a high profile and high paced environment has helped me to gain confidence in my clinical decision making and clinical reasoning skills while also challenging me to be more innovative and more creative with the vast amount of resources I have available. It is forcing me to always be ready and focus on the things that are most important. I have truly loved my time here in Starkville and I am excited to watch my skills and confidence continue to grow. 

This is one of a series of posts authored by students enrolled in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program. The number of clinical sites, the quality and diversity of the clinical experience opportunities, and the contemporary expertise of our preceptors are strengths of the CAATE Accredited SLU AT Program.

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