November 15, 2023

SLU AT Student Gains Clinical Experience with Bears Soccer Programs

By: Krystal Kohenskey (MAT Class of 2025)

    My clinical site for the fall is WashU. At WashU, I am gaining clinical experience with both the men’s and women’s soccer teams. I have had an amazing experience with these teams and really enjoy working with these teams and my preceptors, Sam and Chris. My preceptors have allowed me freedom to grow into my role and who I want to be as an athletic trainer. Working under two preceptors has taught me a lot. Each one has a different way of approaching things and using different methods. Being able to see those different perspectives has allowed me to figure out what works best for me and begin to apply them to my own practice. So far this semester I have been able to learn hands-on practices, like cupping and active release, while also being put in experiences with serious injuries and situations, like elbow dislocations and eating disorders, and seeing how they are handled. I am really happy with how much I have been able to learn so far and can not wait to see what else I learn this semester. 

This is one of a series of posts authored by students enrolled in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program. The number of clinical sites, the quality and diversity of the clinical experience opportunities, and the contemporary expertise of our preceptors are strengths of the CAATE Accredited SLU AT Program.

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