April 10, 2024

SLU AT Student Develops Clinical Autonomy Through Practice

By: Jennifer Hassler (MAT Class of 2024)

This semester I am fortunate to be completing my clinical rotation at Lutheran High School South with my preceptor, Laura Shellaberger MHS, ATC, LAT, CES. This is my second semester here and being able to experience the transitions between seasons at the same site has allowed me to gain experience with several administrative tasks that I am not usually a part of as a student. As a PY2 that will graduate in a few short months, Laura provides me with autonomy to grow my confidence and practice making decisions by giving me space to complete the first evaluation. I’m frequently given the opportunity to create rehabilitation programs while also learning new techniques from Laura. The student-athletes, coaches, and staff have accepted me as part of the day-to-day and respect me throughout evaluations and various communications. I am appreciative for their welcoming attitudes and patience as I learn and develop skills for my future practice. I have enjoyed my time at Lutheran South and I am excited to finish the remainder of my clinical experience here. I look forward to incorporating what I have learned from this experience into my practice and having the confidence that was fostered through Laura’s guidance to become an entry-level clinician.

This is one of a series of posts authored by students enrolled in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program. The number of clinical sites, the quality and diversity of the clinical experience opportunities, and the contemporary expertise of our preceptors are strengths of the CAATE Accredited SLU AT Program.

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