August 01, 2008

Summer's almost over...time to get ready for clinicals...

This has been a busy week for our program and our students in the professional phase of our program.

On Monday, July 28th the students had their final in Gross Anatomy (and they all lived to tell about it haha)

On Wednesday, July 30th we had the written final, practical final and student presentations in MAT 501, Principles of Athletic Training.

On Thursday, July 31st we had a training session for a group of athletic trainers who will be serving as Approved Clinical Instructors for our program.

Mary Stephen, from SLU's Reinert Center for Teaching Excellence gave an excellent presentation on learning styles and clinical teaching strategies.

The following Certified Athletic Trainers attended the session:

Mike Berry - Washington U

Anna Braun - Washington U

Jonathan Burch - SLU

Elena Claus - PRORehab/Marquette HS

Martin Fields - Webster U

Shawn Garlock - PRORehab/Velocity

Theresa Hummel - SLU

Lori Khazen - Athletikare

Scott Kugler - Pioneer Sports Medicine/Chaminade College Prep

Rick Larsen - Washington U

Aaron McBride - Pioneer Sports Medicine/Notre Dame HS

Kelly Mitchell - Washington U

Joi Richardson - PRORehab/Kirkwood HS

Amy Schork - Webster U

Miya Sullivan - SLU

Angie Wills - SLU

Sean Wright - Webster Groves HS

The participants also enjoyed a lunch catered by Fresh Gatherings Cafe in the Doisy College. It provided a great opportunity for some good food and fellowship.

Angie Wills, Lori Khazen and Anna Braun

Joi Richardson and Miya Sullivan
Mark Reinking, PT/AT Department Chair and Amy Schork

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