September 24, 2008

A fresh non-traditional perspective!

By Marcella MacDermott.
Hellooo to all my AT peoples!! I must first introduce myself, so you know who/why this is, and give you a little insight about me! I am from St. Louis, raised in a small town, one of which you may have heard of due to our mayor, Valley Park.
I went to high school at Valley Park; most people find it interesting I graduate in a class with 56 people or so... And I will be happily reaching the age of 23 next month. I just transferred to SLU from SEMO.
I have had a very "non-traditional" college experience thus far in my life and I would like to share it with you all.

Upon being asked the question in high school, "where do you want to go to college?", I had to find an answer. At first I took the route of wanting to please the wrong people (ehem, Dad) and decided to take on the position of an architect. It didn't take long to realize this answer wasn't going to exactly allow my life to pan out the way I wanted.
So after my first year of college I took a step back to remember my favorite activities in high school, they were gym, any science class I took and sports. I was pumped and planned on returning sophomore year to steam-roll my way to a degree in Health Management with a highlight in Exercise Science! Unfortunately financial problems put out the fire in my engine. Luckily, I found a place I called home, for about a year; Gold's Gym. The experience was great and as time went by the fire (and money) was replenished and school again called my name.

I returned to SEMO for two years; after the two years I decided it was time to move back home. After all, I did a lot of growing while in school and family became of the utmost importance. Since I wanted to move back home it was kind of important for me to find another school I would graduate from. (enter-stage right) SLU!!!! (angels singing in the background).
I checked out the website and loved everything about SLU, especially the service!! I was accepted not too long after and all I had to do then was finish SEMO and get the heck out of there!

Which brings us to the day of orientation! I had the best time and everyone was so amazingly wonderful!! Especially our leader Dr. Tony Breitbach!! I couldn't believe what was happening, this whirl-wind of oppourtunity picked me up and still hasn't put me down. I was welcomed into the AT program that day and my heart rests there until the day of graduation!

Since school has started I have been a little shy, but am loving all the chances to meet new people and do new things! Everyone, staff, teachers, Tony, Darcy, all I have come into contact with amazingly, helpful people!

I am a transfer and commuter student, but I still feel at home thanks to all the people her at SLU! I hope in the future you all will listen to my adventures again so you too may know the awesome-ness of the AT program at SLU!!

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