April 15, 2010

Learning by Doing in the SLU ATEP

Classroom experiences are linked with experiential learning in many courses in the SLU ATEP.  In MAT 616 "Enhancing Athletic Performance", instructor Lori Khazen ATC, CSCS integrates her lectures with skill instruction.

The emphasis in MAT 616  this week for the students in lecture was to discuss the fitness component of power and its link to the sports of volleyball & basketball.  For both, they discussed the logistics/rules of the sports, technical skill and fitness necessities, and breakdowns of each position, including the special physical requirements and mechanics for each.  The students then went into the Chaifetz Arena Pavilion with SLU coaches to actually practice the skills they learned in the classroom.
SLU Men's Basketball Coach Alex Jensen and instructor Lori Khazen work with the class on their shooting technique.
Student Eric Sass takes a big swing at the volleyball net, from a feed by SLU Coach Andy Halaz.

Jonathan Burch, SLU Assistant Athletic Director/Athletic Trainer conducted demonstrations on the use of the Swim-Ex at Chaifetz Arena with students in MAT 550 "Rehabilitation in Athletic Training".  In these demonstrations, the students not only "got their feet wet"....they actually participated in aquatic exercise in the Swim-Ex.

Jonathan Burch explains the use of the Swim-Ex control to students Ann Schmerbauch and Emily Monahan.

SLU athletic training student Emily Monahan performs aquatic exercise guided by SLU athletic trainer Jonathan Burch.

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