March 21, 2013

SLU AT Student Relates Spring Softball Travel Experience

On the road again…..
By: Katie Mae Herington (MAT Class of 2013)

As my PY2 (2nd professional) year wraps up I’ve transitioned into covering softball at Lindenwood University-Belleville.  The last weekend of Spring Break I had the opportunity to travel with the softball team to help cover an eight team tournament in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  After a colorful five hour car ride early Friday morning we arrived in E-town.  In a two year time span, Elizabethtown through local funding built a brand-new sports facility named the Elizabethtown Sports Park.  It is equipped with six softball fields, four convertible softball/baseball fields, two baseball fields, nine soccer fields, two turf football fields, a handicap accessible softball and soccer field. 

The facility was absolutely beautiful and set up perfectly for sports medicine coverage.  The facility provided one certified athletic trainer, and Lindenwood University-Belleville sent one of their certified athletic trainers and me.  The three of us covered three to four games going on at a time, which sometimes led to stressful situations.  Luckily we only had one girl from a visiting team take a trip to the hospital. 

Injury-wise the tournament was uneventful, thankfully, but it was a great learning opportunity  traveling with the team and experiencing covering an event with multiple games going on at one time.  A lot goes on with tournaments, so it’s always a valuable experience to learn how to prioritize situations.  Also the Lady Lynx beat one of the top NAIA teams in the country!  Thanks Lindenwood University-Belleville for the travel opportunity!

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