February 04, 2014

AT Students Practice Medical Procedures in the SLU School of Medicine Clinical Simulation Lab

Practice makes perfect through clinical simulation.

Located on the Saint Louis University Medical Center Campus, the Athletic Training (AT) Program has access to many outstanding facilities and experiences.  One of the best facilities in the SLU School of Medicine's Clinical Simulation Lab.

Wes Burch, Education Specialist, explains how military physicians training in the Clinical Simulation Lab's C-STARS "tent" which simulates a battlefield medical station.
The Clinical Simulation Lab provides a realistic, safe learning environment for students, clinicians and healthcare professionals at all levels of practice. Highly sophisticated technology supports the "hands on" practicing and perfecting of medical diagnostics and skills training. Its resources are being aggressively integrated into the resident and medical student curriculum as well as incorporated into the educational training of healthcare professionals from multidisciplinary specialties.

Wes Burch demonstrates proper suturing technique.
The SLU AT students were instructed in and practiced suturing technique and assessment of core body temperature using a digital thermometer with a flexible thermister.  Although, suturing is not commonly in an AT's scope of practice, we commonly assist physicians in the procedures. Practicing this technique better prepares the AT student for this role.

SLU AT students Josh Harris and Tony Mosello practice administering and assisting with suturing.
The School of Nursing also generously provided a model for our students to use to practice measuring core temperatures according to the latest protocols and standards. For more information go to the Korey Stringer Institute website:   http://ksi.uconn.edu/emergency-conditions/heat-illnesses/exertional-heat-stroke/

Dr. Tony Breitbach instructs on the proper use of a flexible thermister to measure core body temperature.

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