February 14, 2014

Seeking Sunshine to go with Sweet Tea and a Smile...

Can you believe we’re already almost half-way through the spring semester?  Soon registration will begin for summer and fall courses and the snow will be just a memory.  

Snow…What a wild ride we’ve had this year with it!  I LOVE snow, but even I am ready to see green grass, budding trees, and people with allergy medicine once again.  It would be fine with me if we didn’t see any more snow for another 10 months.  The groundhog says that’s not going to be the case. We’ll see…..

Missing the green grass and flowers which adorn the Medical Center Campus!
Have you ever really thought about the components of the front desk area in an office?  

The front desk area of an office must maintain a certain appearance.  There is usually a front desk or some other sort of check in area, at least one computer and telephone, a copier, one or more filing cabinets, and the front desk worker.  

In the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program office, that front desk worker is me.  It is my pleasure to welcome guests, students, and faculty members to the office with a friendly hello and a warm smile.  Is the person you have an appointment with tied up at the moment?  I am happy to chat with you until they are ready.  I would love to hear about where you are from or what you plan on doing over the next break.  

There is one more thing you will always find in my front desk area.  It is extremely rare for this item not to be found there.  It’s southern-style sweet tea.  I drink it so much that, after seeing me come in with two, large cups of McDonald’s sweet tea per day, the AT Program faculty members thought it would be beneficial for me to have my own iced-tea maker for Christmas a couple of years ago.  Now, I brew my own tea several times weekly.  Some people always have coffee in their hand (at least in the morning).  

For me, it’s sweet tea all the way!

"News From the Front Desk" by Jennifer Baine is a regular column that features a look inside the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program.  Jennifer greets all of the program's visitors and works with the faculty to make sure our students have the best possible experience.

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