April 13, 2016

New SLU AT Students Observe Professionalism in a Busy Setting at Parkway South High School

New AT Student Blog Post - Caitlin Gibson and Bridget Bushong (SLU MAT Class of 2018)

As athletic training students at Saint Louis University we have had the opportunity to observe many different clinical sites. Every site has a unique approach to treatment and rehabilitation which leads to a new experience each time. We enjoy observing different preceptors because it shows how many possible ways there are to care for a patient. These different perspectives will be useful to us in our future careers because it is a reminder that there may be multiple ways to provide treatment. 

Parkway South High School is a great clinical site. The preceptor, Mike Tzianos ATC, is great at explaining procedures and treatments on patients. For example, a patient has pitting edema which we had never seen before. Mike explained to the patient the treatment that he was going to do and also explained why this was the best treatment based on the equipment available at the site. 

Mike also was a great example of how to use effective time management with all the patients that come in to see him after school. He is well organized and efficient with his time. Even when the athletic training room was busy, he still was able to give each patient the time they needed. Mike is an excellent example of how to treat patients and make it out to practices on time.

This is one of a series of blog posts written by students entering the professional phase of the SLU AT Program as a part of MAT 3000 - AT Student Development II.

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