March 14, 2022

SLU AT Student Enjoys Clinical Learning Experiences at DeSmet Jesuit High School

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - De Smet Jesuit High School
By: Mason Remeis (MAT Class of 2023)

Since the start of the semester at De Smet Jesuit High School, I have witnessed a new atmosphere and approach to athletic training compared to the collegiate level I experienced last semester. The head athletic trainer, SLU alum Dan Herrin MAT, ATC from Mercy Sports Medicine, has formed relationships with the athletes, their families, and the coaches that creates an overall mutual respect between the different parties, and trust in his evaluation and care with the athletes. He has taught me that one of the most important characteristics to have as an athletic trainer is to be personable and make those close relationships with all people involved, so that you know you are trusted, and it will make communicating and decision making with the athletes and their families much easier. I have been able to learn more about what goes into the athletic trainer position just by simply talking with Dan and hearing about all his past experiences, and by questioning his reasoning for using different techniques why he does certain treatments for an athlete.

There have not been any major injuries that have happened yet this semester and most injuries that are present are mostly ones I have seen in previous clinical work. It has been pretty slow up to this point since the winter sports season is ending and the spring sports are just now starting up. Even though it has been slow, I have been able to get insight on a lower back injury and with it learn how to use cupping as a modality. I have also gotten to work with massaging as a treatment to reduce swelling and break up scar tissue. Now that I have gotten experience with more hands-on treatment and constant repetition of taping practices and modalities set-ups, I have seen growth in myself and a benefit from my experiences at De Smet.

What I find important from my experience though is seeing how different athletic trainers do the same treatments, since each AT tends to do them in their own ways. I continue to learn something new each time I go into clinical, even if there is a day where there are no new athletes coming in for treatment. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to get experience observing and having guidance from a preceptor who has solidified himself as a trustworthy and well-respected individual in the school athletics program, and from this I have a better idea on what it is that I need to do in order to make sure that I am a successful trainer in the future.

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their preceptors. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction are major assets for the SLU AT Program.

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