August 17, 2022

SLU AT Student Develops Skills in Patient Care Collaborating with Preceptor/Alum at Bluetail Medical Group

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Bluetail Medical Group
By: Stacie Galo (MAT Class of 2023)

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to gain experience at Bluetail Medical group! I had previously completed a general medical rotation during the spring semester there, and knew I wanted to go back to gain more insight into what it was like working in an orthopedic office as an Athletic Trainer. My preceptor, Brianna (LaBarbera) Diab MAT, ATC, was a SLU grad so it was great to be able to connect with her. She works with Dr. Christopher Wolf DO who specializes in concussion assessment as well as evaluating workers compensation patients. Bluetail is known for their non-operative treatments, with Dr. Wolf performing musculoskeletal manipulations as well as performing PRP and stem cell regenerative treatments. 

To name a few, Bri’s role was to perform initial evaluations, do follow up interviews, and assist with treatments such as preparing the equipment and performing some of the injections to assist Dr. Wolf. She was very eager to show me her role in the office and walk me through her responsibilities.

Initially I was mainly observing these treatments, and going in with Bri to do initial evaluations or follow ups, but when I gained the confidence to do it myself, I was the one who would room patients, do their initial intake, perform any evaluations I deemed necessary, and then report my findings back to the doctor before we both went back in to do the final assessments and treatment plans for the patients. Dr. Wolf utilized ultrasound to assist with the PRP treatments, as well as to confirm or explore possible musculoskeletal diagnosis. 

Although my time at Bluetail was short, I really enjoyed my experience. I felt my biggest improvements this summer were gaining more confidence with patient interactions as well as my initial evaluation skills, I also gained a lot more insight in concussion and TBI assessment and treatment. I am excited to translate these into my future practice as a PY2 and in the future as an Athletic Trainer!

Students in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program have an immersive field experience in the summer between their two professional years in the program. This blog post details a student's reflection on their experience.

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