August 12, 2008

A "Grand Connection" with Billiken Athletics

We are very fortunate to have such a great relationship with the athletic department at Saint Louis University. They serve as partners in our efforts to provide the best possible professional preparation for our Athletic Training Students.

The SLU magazine "Grand Connections" ran a nice article on the academic/athletics collaboration in its July edition. We have also placed the article on the website.

Read it here:

Our partnership is also evident by the SLU athletes that have chosen Athletic Training as their major:

Lindsay Ciresa, Freshman. Softball
Mallory Dugger, Freshman, Women's Track & Field
Ashley Gaillot, Freshman, Volleyball
J.J. Hannigan, Sophomore, Men's Track & Field
Evan Johnson, Freshman, Men's Soccer
Heather King, Senior, Women's Basketball
Colleen Kustura, Freshman, Women's Soccer
Zach Miller, Freshman, Baseball
Keri O'Keefe, Sophomore, Softball
Cody Stites, Sophomore, Baseball
Caitlin Werkmeister, Sophomore, Women's Soccer

Best of luck to them as they start fall practices!

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