September 15, 2008

Talk a Walk Around the Med Campus

Our new students are taking EDL 101: Enhancing First Year Success and, as a part of that class, they went on a photo scavenger hunt to become more familiar with the Medical Campus at SLU.
Hopefully their experience will help you get to know us better.

Make sure you take a map! MEDICAL CENTER MAP
There is also a video tour! MEDICAL CENTER VIDEO TOUR

Our tour starts at the Crave Coffeehouse, where we grab a latte for extra energy.

Then we start, of course, at the Athletic Training Education Program offices!

A quick check of our e-mail at the computer lab!

Then its off to the Center for Advanced Dental Education. Look at those great smiles!

We grab a breather along the babbling brook adjacent to the sparkling new Doisy Research Building.

We meet with our academic advisor on the 4th floor of the Nursing Building.

Then off to the Medical Bookstore to grab a clicker.

Then grab some resources at the Health Sciences/Medical Center Library.

All this activity worked up a hearty appetite, so we grab a nutritious lunch at Fresh Gatherings Cafe.

Then its back to our residence hall in the timely and convenient shuttle.

Thanks for joining us....come back and visit soon!

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