October 16, 2012

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight: Washington University - St. Louis

Washington University, Home of the Bears
By: Vince DiRenzo, Bridget Quirk and Ryan Vallo, SLU MAT Class of 2013

Saint Louis University Athletic Training students Bridget Quirk, Vince Di Renzo, and Ryan Vallo are working with the sports medicine staff at Washington University- St. Louis for the 2012-13 academic year.  They are all part of the 2013 Master of Athletic Training class.  Washington University serves as a premier clinical site for both professional year 1 and professional year 2 students.  Washington University is a NCAA Division III University known for its competitive athletics and prestigious academics.  Currently, Wash U has four full time athletic trainers on staff: Rick Larsen, ATC, Jim Anderson, ATC, Mary Tarzon, ATC, and Saint Louis Athletic Training Program alum, Jacob Blasingame, ATC.  During the academic cycle, each athletic training student is assigned to a preceptor at the site that further enhances each student’s learning opportunity.

Vince works primarily with Rick Larsen, the Head Athletic Trainer at Wash U.  Rick has been working at Wash U for 30 plus years, and is constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of the program.  Rick also serves on the SLU Athletic Training Program Advisory Board.  Vince will be aiding Rick with varsity football coverage during the fall, assisting with basketball in the winter, and covering some baseball in the spring. 
Vince DiRenzo, Jim Anderson ATC, Bridget Quirk and Ryan Vallo
Bridget Quirk currently assists Jim Anderson and Jacob Blasingame covering Men’s and Women’s Soccer.  During winter, she will help cover women’s basketball and softball in the spring.  Jim is in his second year as part of the sports medicine staff at Wash U.  Before coming to Wash U, Jim was the head athletic trainer for the St. Louis Rams for over 20 years.  He brings an abundance of knowledge and experience that enables students to learn.  Jacob is in his first year as part of the staff.  Previously, he was an adjunct faculty member at Saint Louis University and covered women’s field hockey.  While part of the SLU AT Program, he did a semester rotation at Washington University under Rick Larsen.

Ryan Vallo assists Mary Tarzon covering women’s volleyball.  He will also help cover men’s basketball in the winter and track and field in the spring.  Mary is in her first year as part of the sports medicine staff as well.  Previously, she earned her masters at the University of Indiana and her bachelors at Xavier University.  She is originally from the St. Louis area and is eager to enable other student’s learning opportunities.

Each day at Wash U creates a new and unique opportunity for the athletic training students currently assigned there.  They work with the full time athletic training staff, interact with team physicians, in order to deliver the best treatment available to student athletes.  The athletic training students are the first to evaluate the athletes, narrow down the problem, and develop a treatment plan that is appropriate to each case.  If they have questions, they can ask any of the ATCs on staff.  They are always there to help and make sure your experience reaches its full potential.  They want to learn as much from you as you can learn from them.  In 2014, Wash U will be renovating their facilities with a new athletic training room.  The new facility hopes to be completed by 2015 and will have over 2500 square feet dedicated to the athletic training portion.  As the athletic training profession continues to evolve, so must the environment that influences the successful return of the athlete.

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their preceptors. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction are major assets for the SLU AT Program.

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