September 12, 2013

New Faces and Experiences in the New Semester!

So many great things are happening in the SLU Athletic Training Program!  I won’t highlight the individual occurrences because Dr. Breitbach has already done a great job of that.  However, I would like to say that I am very proud to be a part of the program at this time when we are doing groundbreaking events!

It is also my pleasure to introduce the new AT work study student.  Her name is Audrey Block, and she is in her junior year of the AT program with a minor in Theology.  Audrey is from St. Louis and enjoys long walks on the beach.  Just kidding!  She is from St. Louis and is a very hard worker.  She has been a welcome addition to the AT office.  Audrey works 15 hours a week and is able to assist with most of the office tasks. Please feel free to utilize her services if I am out of the office.

Audrey Block and Jennifer Baine at the SLU AT Program office.
I was able to attend The Conference for Administrative Assistants earlier this month.  It was an all-day seminar held at Hilton at the Ballpark here in St. Louis.  Attendees were able to choose five of 10 breakout sessions dealing with various areas of professional development in the daily life of an administrative professional.  I walked out of this conference with new insights and a feeling of deep appreciation.  The insights came from the training.  The appreciation came from hearing others discuss some of their workplace issues.  Yikes!

One thing I was very happy to share during one of the exercises is that every day before my supervisor leaves he thanks me for everything I've done that day and all the help I've been.  In fact, often times several of the faculty members offer me praise throughout the day.  Many in attendance were shocked to hear me say this.  It is uncommon for most administrative personnel to regularly hear compliments.

Our program, however, breaks the mold.  This once again shows what a great place SLU is to work, and I reiterate how proud I am to be a part of the Athletic Training Program.

"News From the Front Desk" by Jennifer Baine is a regular column that features a look inside the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program.  Jennifer greets all of the program's visitors and works with the faculty to make sure our students have the best possible experience.

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