March 21, 2014

SLU AT Students Host Workshop for SLU Medical Students

Athletic Training Skills Workshop for SLU Medical Students
By: Emily Grace, MAT Class of 2014

On March 19, 2014,  the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program hosted students from the School of Medicine to show them taping, spine boarding, and concussion testing. Such skills are specialties of certified athletic trainers and athletic training students but are often performed by participation of the entire sports medicine team.

Treating an athlete on or off the field requires interprofessional collaboration. Having an understanding and appreciation for other health care professionals roles is crucial to efficient and quality health care. During the athletic training skills workshop, second year medical students were able to learn specialty skill like preventative taping, sideline concussion testing, and spine boarding from graduate athletic training students.

PY2 AT students Emily Grace, Michelle Cybulski, and Dan Herrin demonstrate face mask removal
for an athlete with a suspected cervical spine injury
As athletic trainers, we are often the first responders during emergency situations in athletic settings. It is important for the AT's to be confident in their skills and be able to effectively communicate. Because medicine and diagnostic techniques are constantly changing and improving, it is part of our responsibility to continually advance our knowledge by keeping up with current research and disseminate pertinent information to the sports medicine team. As information about certain conditions improves, our diagnostic tools also improve. An example is the SCAT3, a sideline test used in the diagnosis for concussions.

PY2 AT student Mary Rhatigan guides medical students on proper taping techniques.
Teaching medical students about the role physicians and athletic trainers play in prevention and emergency care made me proud of the skill set I have obtained through my educational and clinical experience. Gaining hands on experience throughout my clinical rotations has given me the confidence and competency I intend to carry throughout my professional care and share with other health care professionals. It was rewarding to share my skills with future physicians!

PY2 AT student Jessica Buschjost demonstrates balance testing, part of the SCAT 3 sideline concussion testing.
SLU AT students participating in the AT Skills Workshop included Michelle Cybulski, Kayla Kelley, Kathleen McGovern, Dan Herrin, Cat Costello, Emily Grace, Haylie Dehm, Jess Buschjost, Mary Rhatigan (coordinator), Christian Ahlstrom and Hilary Stepansky.

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