November 10, 2014

SLU AT Students Get a Wide Variety of Experiences at Lindenwood-Belleville

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Lindenwood University-Belleville

Stuart Plamp and Tony Mosello (MAT Class of 2015)

This school year we are fortunate enough to have our clinical rotations at Lindenwood University Belleville (LUB).  This fall we are lucky enough to be helping keep the LUB football team healthy alongside Head Athletic Trainer Bill Dill ATC, graduate assistants Billy Netzhammer ATC, Jessie Zehner ATC, Nichelle Harrison ATC, and the athletic training students of LUB.
The 11 of us have been working almost every day since early August to ensure that the football team stays as competitive and healthy as possible.  Days usually start with pre-practice treatments and rehab in LUB’s wonderful athletic training facilities along with pre-practice taping.  Practice time is spent managing any new injuries that may occur during practice and ensuring all athletes and coaches are properly hydrated.  The days are finished back in the athletic training room where we perform post-practice treatments and further evaluate injuries as needed.
Football season at Lindenwood is a crazy time and we are glad we are a part of it.  From practices, to away games, to all the on-football players who still come in for treatment, there always seems to be something to do at Lindenwood.  And when there is not, the coaches, staff, and players are always great people to talk to and be around. 
Although there is still a lot of football season left, We are already excited to see what the rest of our year at LUB brings us. After football, Tony will be working with the Men’s Hockey team in the winter and either men’s or women’s lacrosse in the spring, and Stuart will be working with men’s basketball in the winter and the lacrosse opposite of Tony’s.

Stuart Plamp (far left back) and Tony Mosello (far right back) with Lindenwood-Belleville Football AT staff.
Demeisha Crawford (MAT Class of 2016)

For my PY1 fall clinical rotation I’ve had the opportunity to work with women’s soccer at Lindenwood University in Belleville, IL with athletic trainer Emily Kaindl, ATC. So far I have gained many skills both interpersonal and medical that have helped in my growth as a future certified athletic trainer. Working with the women soccer team, I have learned that building trust is an important factor when establishing relationships with athletes. In addition to the great relationships established, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in concussion assessment using the SCAT3 test and the IMPACT test to monitor symptoms in the return to play protocol. I have also been fortunate to assist in evaluation of many orthopedic injuries. To aid in the healing process of injuries, Lindenwood University has multiple modalities including Gameready, Ultrasound and E-Stimulation that I have become familiar and proficient in during rehab and treatments. I will continue to be fully involved to learn and improve as an athletic training student at Lindenwood University being sure to keep the athletes first. 

In all, I have gained many skills that will contribute to the successful athletic trainer that I aspire to be once I am certified. I am thankful for the time well spent at Lindenwood University so far and I plan to continue to grow as a professional and work to improve the care of the athletes for the remainder of my clinical experience. 

Josh Yanzer, Emily Kaindl, ATC and Demeisha Crawford.
Josh Yanzer (MAT Class of 2016)

For my first semester of clinicals in Saint Louis University’s Athletic Training Program I was very happy to be placed at Lindenwood University in Belleville Illinois.  I am very grateful to be placed here because it allowed me to experience and learn many different modalities such as Ultrasound, E-Stim, and Gameready right away that other clinical sites, like some high schools, don’t have the budget for.  Being able to spend a lot of time around all the different modalities right away and being at a clinical site with a lot of funding makes the clinical experience much more exciting and easy to get into.  
On top of the availability of modalities at Lindenwood University in Belleville there is also a wide range of sports there and over ten ATC’s to help me excel my skills as an athletic training student.  I was placed with women’s soccer and once that is over I will be going to men’s and women’s hockey.  
This was great for me because I am not familiar with either sport at all so having so many sports to choose from helped widen my range of learning different injuries associated with different types of sports.  It is also the first time I have been around one team so for long helping them out so I learned how to get to know my athletes and earn their trust when accessing their injuries, taping their ankles, or applying certain modalities on them.
Having Emily Kaindl, ATC as my preceptor for the women’s soccer team has been a very interesting experience.  She is similar in age to me and also going further in her education even though she is already certified which makes it more fun because we are both still learning so much about injuries on our way to becoming better athletic trainers.  We both learned a lot about concussions and how to manage them since we had so many people with them this year so now I really know how to distribute SCAT 3 exams.  Overall my experience has been amazing being under Emily as my preceptor at Lindenwood University Belleville.

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their preceptors. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction are major assets for the SLU AT Program.

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