February 28, 2008



My name is Tony Breitbach and I am the Director of the Athletic Training Education Program at Saint Louis University.

I am happy to announce that our program now has a blog, this blog will serve as an effective, informal means of keeping you updated on the goings-on in our program.

I would encourage you to subscribe to the blog or make comments.

If you want more information about our program, I would encourage you visit our program web-site: http://at.slu.edu/

We are all very excited about the some things that are coming up in the near future:

March is National Athletic Training Month, I would encourage you to visit the web-site for the National Athletic Trainers Association at http://www.nata.org/

Our faculty is covering the Missouri Valley Conference Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, you can stay updated on the tournaments at http://www.archmadness.com/

Chaifetz Arena, the sparkling new home for Billiken Athletics, is about to open in April of 2008. The Sports Medicine Facility in the arena is a 2500 square foot state of the art facility. For more information on the arena go to: http://arena.slu.edu/, for information on upcoming arena events go to: http://www.thechaifetzarena.com/

The Billiken basketball teams are starting A-10 conference tournament play, for more info go to: http://www.slubillikens.com/

We are also interviewing candidates for a new faculty and a new staff position in our program.

There will be more updates in the future.....feel free to subscribe to this blog and make comments.

Go Billikens!



Steph said...

Great stuff! Your program sounds fun!

SLU_ATEP said...

Thanks Steph!