March 09, 2008

It's Madness! It's Madness!

Many of us had the privilege to cover "Arch Madness" the Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Tournament this week at Scottrade Center in St. Louis. The SLU Athletic Training Education Program coordinated the Athletic Training coverage. We also were joined by Casey Kohr, Andy Accacian and Jeremy Jordan from Clarke College. Dr. Mark Halstead of Washington University served as the Tournament Physician and Dr. Paul Nativi of Saint Louis University served as the Tournament Dentist.

We all stayed busy, but Dr. Nativi was especially busy...he made 2 trips to SLU's Center for Advanced Dental Education with Dr. Brian Habas to treat injured athletes from the tournament. You can read about the athletes injuries in their hometown papers:

This tournament was a great opportunity for our staff and students. Not only did they get a chance to participate in a large well run community event, but they also had the chance to sit on the bench with 10 outstanding athletic trainers. These athletic trainers all welcomed our students and shared numerous professional insights with us.

Staff photo taken after the finals on Sunday (from left to right):
Tony Breitbach , Jeremy Jordan, Kellie Black, Mark Reinking, Ilene Chambers, Dr. Paul Nativi, Andy Accacian, Casey Kohr, Dr. Mark Halstead

Congratulations to the Drake Bulldogs and Athletic Trainer Scott Kerr for winning the title!

To view tournament details go to:

We look forward to covering the MVC Women's Tournament next week and continuing this relationship with the Valley in the years to come!


Anonymous said...

I was one of the students(Ilene) lucky enough to accompany Tony to Arch Maddness. It was the first event I got to attend as a student in the athletic training program. The experience was amazing. I got to see up close and personal the role of the athletic trainers, talk to experienced trainers and enjoy courtside seats to an awesome game. This is definitly going to be a great year and I am so excited to cover more events like this. Thanks Tony

SLU_ATEP said...

Thanks great having you in the program and more fun is to come!

Anonymous said...

Tony, your program looks like it's on the cutting edge. Congratulations

SLU_ATEP said...


Please feel free to comment anytime....

Anonymous said...

It's very cool that you can fit time into your schedule to reply to comments on your blog.

SLU_ATEP said...

I appreciate the visitors here!