November 01, 2011

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Saint Louis University

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their clinical instructor. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction is a major asset for the SLU AT education program.

SLU Staff Athletic Trainer Miya Sullivan ATC served as an ACI for two AT students this fall.

Saint Louis University Athletics
By: Rohini Jaglan (MAT Class of 2013)

Miya Sullivan, is one of the four ACI's at Saint Louis University. As a PY1 AT student, I have had the opportunity to work under and along side of her. Miya Sullivan has an astounding personality that exemplifies her passion for her profession. Working with Miya this semester has truly been a learning experience that has increased my knowledge not only in the principles of the Athletic Training profession but also the importance of professional and athlete relationship. One thing, amongst the many, that really had an impact on me was the amount of respect and trust the athletes had for her. Miya's devotion to her athletes and her profession is shown through her work everyday in the athletic training room. I strongly encourage everybody to have the opportunity to work with her. Observing Miya and the hands on experience that I have had during this rotation has motivated me to gain further experience in this profession and work towards a future career. The chance to work with Miya is an opportunity that has been proven to be greatly beneficial. I believe that Miya Sullivan has had a positive impact on my experience and has taught me many essential skills that I will use for the rest of my career.

SLU AT students Libby Deiters (left) and Rohini Jaglan (right) with Miya Sullivan ATC (center)
Saint Louis University Athletics
by Libby Deiters (MAT Class of 2013)

This past semester I have been working with Miya Sullivan at Saint Louis University. We are currently working with the women’s soccer team and also assisting women’s softball and tennis throughout their off-season. Although many hours are required when working with a division one athletic program, it has taught me how to manage my time and also how to work efficiently in a fast pace environment. I really enjoy working with Miya; not only does she educate me about different injuries and various treatments, she also allows us to educate her on what we are learning in the classroom. I think my clinical experience this fall has been a great learning experience for me to not only learn about the duties and responsibilities of a division one athletic trainer, but also to learn about the time commitment that is required of them. In a normal day we start around 1:30pm in the athletic training room giving treatments before practice and then move on to wrapping and taping ankles to prepare the athletes for their practice that is at 2:30pm. We then move outside where we get Gatorade, water, and injury ice ready for practice. The next two to three hours are then spent watching practice making sure no one gets injured and to help any athletes who may need to be stretched or re-wrapped. After practice we then clean up the water and Gatorade and move back inside where we will give treatments for those who need them after practice. On some days the teams will lift so we will wait for about another 45 minutes and in this time we normally work on paperwork.  On a normal day we leave the athletic training room around 6-6:30pm.  I can only hope that everyone will be so lucky to work under Miya at Saint Louis University 

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