May 21, 2013

SLU AT Students Celebrate Graduation Day


Graduation day for students in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program is a very special celebration.  Graduates are recognized at the Doisy College of Health Sciences Pre-Commencement which occurs on Thursday of graduation week.  What makes it so special is, because most SLU AT students receive both a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Master of Athletic Training degree, that there are 2 cohorts of students graduating at one time.

SLU MAT Class of 2013 graduates: Sarah Hall, Vince Di Renzo, Derrick Neuner, Sarah Reifsteck, Rachel Cocek, Katie Schneebeck, Mary Finkenkeller, Lizzy Kienstra, Hilary Orf, Adriana Black, Janese' Evans, Katie Herington, Alex Sawyer and Bridget Quirk (Not pictured: Ryan Vallo)
A tradition of the SLU AT Program is to have an MAT Celebration at a local restaurant after pre-commencement.  This year's celebration took place at John D. McGurk's Restaurant in Soulard.

First Freshman Class in SLU AT History: Adriana Black, Janese' Evans, Rachel Cocek, Lizzy Kienstra, Hilary Orf and Mary Finkenkeller.
This year's graduation marked the first freshmen class in SLU AT program history receiving their MAT degrees.  The Doisy Alumni Board recognized those six students, who were the first to enter SLU as a freshman in 2008 and go through all 5 years of the program.  Meghan Gehrs ATC (SLU MAT Class of 2011), Doisy Alumni Board member, recognized Adriana Black, Rachel Cocek, Janese' Evans, Mary Finkenkeller, Lizzy Kienstra and Hilary Orf with a special gift and certificate.

SLU AT Alum Meghan Gehrs (center) with faculty members Tim Howell & Mike Markee (left); Kitty Newsham & Lori Khazen (right)

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