May 22, 2013

Welcome to the SLU MAT Class of 2015!

Each year, the Saint Louis University Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training welcomes its newest cohorts to the professional phase of their programs with a welcome luncheon in the Multipurpose Room of the Allied Health Building on SLU's Medical Center Campus.  After the large group luncheon, the MAT and DPT students have separate program-specific orientation sessions.

The SLU MAT Class of 2015 participated in the luncheon and orientation along with AT Program faculty and MAT Class of 2014 students Kelly Peck and Tyler Wood.

SLU AT students Eldon Reid, Kathleen McGovern, Angelina Vitale, Tyler Wood and Josh Harris with SLU AT Administrative Assistant Jennifer Baine.

SLU AT Students Kayla Kelley, Emily Costabile, Ju Kim, Hannah Soltys and Christian Ahlstrom

SLU AT faculty member Kitty Newsham with students Andrew Gomez, Andria Lampe, Hilary Stepansky, Chris Miller and Stuart Plamp.

SLU AT students Mike Griffith, Neal Ryan, Jose Mendez, Shannon Kane, Michael Aaron and Kelly Peck with faculty member Mike Markee.

SLU AT students Tony Mosello, Tori Lycett and Will Rath, faculty member Tim Howell and students Connor Doherty and Brittany Koops.

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