February 15, 2016

SLU AT Student Reflects on Experience in an Interprofessional Team Seminar

My Experience in the Interprofessional Team Seminar
By: Krystin Haas (MAT Class of 2016)

The Interprofessional Program at SLU is a great asset to have as students. It shows all of the different medical professions how at some point, we will all need each other. 

We were able to engage with a group of post-baccalaureate students from many different health professions programs including: medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, social work and nursing.

We discussed the case of Tommy Mallon's cervical spine injury as presented on the website injuredathletes.org.  We focused on our preparation, our roles, communication and transitions of care.  We were able to discuss best practices and barriers that can occur in managing such a case from the field to the hospital and beyond.

Being able to help lead some of the sessions about the athletic training profession was a great experience. It got us to be excited about our profession and teach the other professions what we are capable and what we know; these sessions made it possible for us to advocate our profession and be passionate about it. 

These students that are going through SLU now are the ones that will be out in the medical field when we are practicing. These are the professionals that we will deal with, which makes the experience that much greater. 

Advocating for athletic training and showing other health professions why we matter, could potentially save a lot of struggle in the future. 

The topics that were raised and the information that everyone (including the AT students) learned will hopefully lead to a better professional relationship in the future. 

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