May 03, 2015

SLU AT Students Present their Scholarly Projects on MAT Capstone Day


On Friday, May 1, 2015, the students of the Saint Louis University Master of Athletic Training Class of 2015 publicly presented their Capstone projects in the Multipurpose Room of the Allied Health Building.  The Capstone is a scholarly project that serves to integrate the student's didactic and clinical learning in the SLU AT Program.

Emily CostabileUnderstanding the Noncompliant Athlete
Will RathTaping Techniques in Injury Prevention
Stuart PlampHip External Rotation in Patients with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Mike GriffithReview of the Criteria for Return to Sport Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
José MendezAthletic Training Diversity Initiative: Roosevelt High School
Kayla KelleyThe Efficacy of Compartment Release Surgery for the Long-term Management of Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome
Chris MillerThe Effects of Disordered Eating in Male Athletes
Andria LampeSoft Tissue Mobilization: A Look at Active Release Technique, Graston Technique and Manual Massage Therapy
Tony MoselloConcussions in Professional Hockey: The Application and Efficacy of Blood Biomarker Tests
Eldon ReidDeveloping and Designing a New Athletic Training Room at Affton High School
Shannon KaneThe Effect of Exercise on Tourette Syndrome
Ju KimYoga and the Musculoskeletal Effects on Functional Assessment of Athletes
Brittany KoopsStrategies to Enhancing Psychological and Emotional Readiness with Return to Play
Christian AhlstromFunctional Movement Screen and Star Excursion Balance Test: A Look at Lower Extremity Injury Prevention
Josh HarrisThe Role of Cognitive Rest in Recovery from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Michael AaronConservative Management of Thoracic Scoliosis
Connor DohertyNutrition and the Collegiate Athlete
Tori LycettA Unique Perspective of a LeFort Fracture.
Hilary StepanskyLet's Talk Fascia, The Posterior Oblique Sling System: A connection between the latissimus dorsi and gluteus maximus
MAT Class of 2015 (from left) Will Rath, Jose Mendez, Mike Griffith, Josh Harris, Michael Aaron, Connor Doherty, Ju Kim, Shannon Kane, Brittany Koops, Stuart Plamp, Kayla Kelley, Emily Costabile, Eldon Reid, Hilary Stepansky, Andria Lampe, Tori Lycett, Tony Mosello, Christian Ahlstrom and Chris Miller.

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