May 28, 2008

Getting used to the surroundings....

We are lucky to have such great teaching and learning facilities!

Pictured is the modalities lab in the Doisy College of Health Sciences.

The facilities are working out well....and so are the students...

They had a taping lab today and all did great work!

PS: Congratulations to Dr. Cannon and his family on the arrival of son Jack!

May 22, 2008

We are off and running!

Our office suite is now open and looking good! On Wednesday, May 21st we started MAT 501, Principles of Athletic Training, the first professional phase course to be taught in the program. The students are enthusiastic and things are going well...

The Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training had a barbecue to welcome this year's students into the Professional Phase of the AT and PT programs. The day was beautiful and the food was delicious! Our new faculty member, Darcy Downey, was in town to go house hunting (which was a success by the way)...she stopped in at the barbecue to get acquainted!

Group photo of the AT professional students and faculty:
Darcy Downey, Kellie Black, Ilene Chambers, Heather King, Eric Sass & Tony Breitbach.

May 17, 2008

An end and a new beginning!

The END of the school year...

The Doisy College of Health Sciences pre-commencement celebration took place on Thursday, May 15th at Chaifetz Arena. I was invited to be the Master of Ceremonies (I hope I didn't make TOO many mistakes) and AT student Kellie Black received a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree. I enjoyed meeting her entire family at the reception after pre-commencement.

Chaifetz Arena proved to be a dazzling new home for our ceremonies.


This week Kellie and three others will start the Professional Phase of the Athletic Training as our first class of students in the program. They are all transfers, two from other programs at SLU and two from outside of SLU. The other students starting Gross Anatomy and Principles of Athletic Training this week are Heather King (SLU), Ilene Chambers (SIU) and Eric Sass (Elon).

We are very excited to have such fine students in our first class and I look forward to having us all grow and develop together!

May 12, 2008

Welcome Brittney Diener!

The SLU Athletic Training Education Program is fortunate to have a new member on our team. Brittney Diener has been hired as the administrative assistant for the program. She comes to the program from the St. Louis Cardinals where she served as an Account Executive in the Group Sales department.

A native of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, she is a a 2007 graduate of Lewis University with a BA degree in Sports Management. She also played basketball for the Flyers where she names a NCAA Division II Scholar-Athletes and was named team captain for her junior and senior years. More details are available at:

Brittney expertise in marketing, management and customer service will be counted out to help administer over the program, which is located in newly remodeled space on the second floor of the Doisy College of Health Sciences. In the fall of 2008 there will 2 full-time faculty, 2 adjunct faculty, over 10 approved clinical instructors and over 30 students in the program. Another new full-time faculty member will be added in the summer of 2009.

Welcome Brittney....we are happy and fortunate to have you on the team!

May 09, 2008

Spreading the good news.....

Remember that interview that I did for Fox2? Donn Walker from our media relations office did a press release with the information and it has been picked up all over the US. In addition to the links below...I have also been interviewed by a radio station from Raleigh-Durham NC, the St. Louis Suburban Journals and Wondertime, a parenting magazine sponsored by Disney.

Its amazing how the word gets out in this electronic age....

May 06, 2008

Hello from Texas!!!!!

Hey all,

I would just like to post my first blog and say how excited I am to be a part of the new Athletic Training Education Program at SLU.
I look forward to meeting everyone and can’t wait to get started. I hope everyone will come by and say hello when I get there on July 1st.
As most of you know I am in Texas right now and the only thing I am not looking forward to is Winter, it will be an adjustment but I am sure I will be so busy that I won’t notice it :-).

My dog Bailey and I will be moving up hopefully in mid to late June and we are hoping to live close to Forest Park so we can enjoy it.
Again, I can’t wait to meet everyone and get busy!

See you soon...

Darcy Downey

May 03, 2008

All the buzz about energy drinks - Sports

Article in the University News about energy drinks, featuring quotes from Jonathan Burch and I. One correction, I am not an MD....I am a PhD.


All the buzz about energy drinks - Sports