October 27, 2011

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Lafayette High School

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their clinical instructor. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction is a major asset for the SLU AT education program.

Lafayette High School
By:  Sarah Hall (MAT Class of 2013)

Home of the Lancers!
I never thought I would enjoy working in the high school setting, but decided to give it a shot for my first clinical rotation.  I was placed at Lafayette High School, in Wildwood.  Heather Carroll is the Athletic Trainer at the school, who is contracted through ProRehab.  The school has a great sports program, with a large variety of sports for every season.  Every day is a busy day for Lafayette sports, there are always ankles to tape, or evaluations to be done, or concussion athletes who are working on returning to play.  I have been able to refine the skills I came to Lafayette with, and have had the opportunity to experience some things I would not have by reading a book.   Heather is good about helping you study during slower times, and is quick to provide you with the time and resources to work on anything you might need to work on.  
AT Student Sarah Hall (left) pictured with Heather Carroll ATC (right) and Lafayette student-athlete Tyler Manne.
I have had the opportunity to talk with the orthopedic team doctor for Lafayette, he is also really pleasant and helped me study for our Musculoskeletal Exam course.  The students at Lafayette, are really curious about me, and what I am going to school for, they ask a lot of questions.  Some students who are in a lot for rehab have even volunteered to be subjects when I need to study for exams by letting me palpate them.  It is nice because it gives me the chance to teach them something about their anatomy, or their injury.   Overall Lafayette is a great clinical site, I have experienced a ton!  Heather, and all the athletes I work around daily are super nice, and really help make it a relaxed learning environment.     

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