April 24, 2012

SLU AT Students Practice Emergency Procedures in School of Medicine's Clinical Simulation Center

One of the most important resources available to the SLU Athletic Training Program is the School of Medicine's Clinical Simulation Center.  It utilizes high fidelity patient simulators to create a life-like emergency management scenario.  On Tuesday, April 24, 2012, the SLU AT students went through football emergency scenarios in the lab.  Each scenario was managed by a 5 person team of first and second year professional AT students.  They were allowed to practice beforehand, but during the scenario, the only feedback was provided through their primary and secondary assessment of the patient.  Feedback forms were completed by faculty who were observing the activity, and Dr. Jason Bennett conducted a debriefing session with the students using the video of their performance.  This type of experience is so important in the professional preparation of the SLU AT students.

A football player is down "on the field"
The medical team springs into action from the "sideline"
Athletic trainers assess the situation.
Injured athlete is moved safely to spine board.
If necessary, CPR is initiated
Athlete is safely transported.

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