November 19, 2012

SLU AT Students "Use Their Head" at Healthfest

On Saturday, November 17, 2012; the SLU AT Program participated in Healthfest at the St. Louis Louis Science Center.  Healthfest features dozens of interactive displays and presentations from community medical organizations for families on important health topics. 

This year’s topic for the SLU AT Program was concussion awareness where parents and children we informed of the importance of paying attention to the symptoms of traumatic head injury.  Information was also presented regarding the AT profession and the AT’s role in managing concussion and injury in sports.

This was a student-directed activity coordinated by SLATS, our student organization, and was designed to include a wide variety of students from our program.

The students participating were:
MAT Class of 2013: Lizzy Kienstra, Alex Sawyer, Adriana Black, Mary Finkenkeller
MAT Class of 2014: Emily Grace, Dre Auclair, Jay Maturan, Mary Rhatigan, Kelley DeGreeff
MAT Class of 2015: Andria Lampe, Kayla Kelley
MAT Class of 2016: Haylie Dehm, Nygel Williams, AJ Butler, Candie Hill
MAT Class of 2017: Collin Peterson, Kayla Glenn, Stephanie Ross

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