March 27, 2018

SLU AT Students Benefit from a Wide Range of Clinical Opportunities at Lindenwood-Belleville

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Lindenwood University -Belleville
By: Ben Wildman (SLU MAT Class of 2018), Jazmon Carroll, Cody Hutson, and Chris Mecherle (SLU MAT Class of 2019)

The college experience at Lindenwood University - Belleville has been an amazing experience thus far. Shifting from a high school to a college has been an adjustment, but the plethora of modalities, staff, and diligent, hard-working student athletes has been a pleasure to be around. Life in a larger athletic training room has its challenges such as: staying organized, staying clean, and addressing less than full functioning appliances. However, it also has its perks including: more space for rehab, extra plinths, increased storage space, a more inviting atmosphere for student-athletes, and much more. The benefits outweigh the inconveniences by far, and we have never had a problem performing treatments before and after practices due to lack of space. The staff, athletes, and AT students have definitely appreciated its utility.

One of the main differences between being a athletic training student at a high school compared to a college is the number of sports teams you are assigned to. In a college setting, you typically are given one, maybe two or three sports, while you are the athletic trainer for all teams at a high school setting. At Lindenwood, we were all assigned to one sport. One of us is with wrestling, one with rugby, another is with baseball, and one with Men and Women’s ice hockey. By being with different sports, this is giving us the opportunity to have different experiences despite being at the same clinical site. This also provides us with opportunities to learn from our peers as we share techniques and teachable moments when we are all together. We are grateful to be given the chance to share a learning environment with our peers in the Lindenwood-Belleville Athletic Training Education Program. We are very lucky to have opportunities to mentor and learn alongside them.

Ben Wildman (SLU MAT Class of 2018)

As a PY2, I continued my clinical experience at LU-B after football season by joining the men and women’s ice hockey teams under the mentorship of Tim Woodstock, MS, ATC/LAT. Tim and I spend our afternoons at the Meramec Shark Tank where the teams practice and provide Athletic Training services for games on Friday and Saturday nights. Both of our teams have successfully secured bids to their respective National Championship Tournaments, which are played over spring break. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of their trip and their quest for the title of National
Champions. I really enjoy being around the student-athletes as they all have very diverse backgrounds. We have student-athletes that hail from Europe, Canada, and Australia. Each student-athlete brings unique experiences and talents to their teams. Being at the ice rink has forced Tim and I to become creative with our intervention strategies as well as our equipment and space. There is never a bad day at the rink as we are always having fun and learning every single day.

Jazmon Carroll (SLU MAT Class of 2019)

Going into my second clinical rotation at LU-B, I have been placed under the mentorship of Lauren Randazzo, MA, ATC, CSCS. Everyday during the week, Lauren and I, along with another AT student at Lindenwood, facilitate rehabilitations, prepare athletes for practice, and then head up to both men and women’s wrestling practices. Being a part of the wrestling team at LU-B has been an unexpectedly great experience. Coming in, I was not familiar with wrestling in the slightest bit, but now I have gotten really into the sport. On February 17th, LU-B hosted the Men’s Wrestling AMC Conference Championships. Despite it being a fifteen-hour day, it ended up being an amazing opportunity where I was able to learn a lot. At the end of the day, three of our wrestlers placed second, while one of them advanced to Nationals. Not only is there success on the men’s team, but one of the athletes on the female team recently became the National Champion. As previously stated, this experience has been a great one, and everyday I am learning and having fun. I am so grateful.

Cody Hutson (SLU MAT Class of 2019)

Never would I think that I would be helping out a sport such as men’s rugby. It is such an aggressive sport that I was honestly intimidated by. But I have had the opportunity to get to know a couple of the athletes and they treat me with respect and like part of their close-knit family. While I have had the ability to work with good athletes, I have been even luckier to have Sarah Hayden MAT, ATC as my preceptor. She is always available to answer any questions I may have and has enough confidence in me to wait until I ask for guidance or consider my answer as a possible option even if it isn’t her first choice. I am not always confident in myself but having someone behind me as a guide towards on hand learning is definitely the most beneficial way for me to learn. I am having a great amount of fun with the people that surround me at this clinical site and I cannot wait to see what else this semester has in store for me there. 

Chris Mecherle (SLU MAT Class of 2019)

Experience with the baseball team at LU-B began as a slow recovery for many injured players at the start of the season. Under the guidance of Stephen (Curtis) Wilkerson MS, ATC we have been able to successfully rehabilitate many of the previously injured players back to their full potential. We have spent more time this year at baseball practices than spent in previous years, and it has given us the chance to get to know the guys more and examine what makes some individuals more prone to injury. Being around Curtis, the other Lindenwood students, and the members of the baseball team has been a very rewarding experience, since we can all put forth our knowledge to keep the team healthy. Be it at double headers, practices, or in the AT room, injury prevention and rehabilitation are always being performed.

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their preceptors. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction are major assets for the SLU AT Program.

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