July 04, 2019

SLU AT Student Enjoys Person-Centered Outpatient Rehabilitation Experience at Athletico

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Athletico
By: Marissa Burch (MAT Class of 2020)

During the school year, clinical experience is confined mostly to a school setting where we are seeing the same kids every day and experience all aspects of injury (prevention, emergency management, evaluations, rehabilitation, etc.). We see a lot and are constantly on the run. I love this environment, however, I wanted something a little different for my summer field experience. I was very excited to be with someone who not only works as an Athletic Trainer, but also as a Physical Therapist. SLU alumnus Bryan Lind, MPT, ATC works with the Saint Louis Ballet during their season. This is what drew me to want to learn from him this summer. Providing therapy for individuals who are used to such high intensity and high strain on their bodies is not an easy task. Finding ways to provide them comfort and relief when they are extremely flexible and strong, so those are not the issue becomes quite the task.

Bryan is incredibly intelligent, and I have already learned so much in such a short time with him thus far. He has expressed many times how his experience and years in the field have contributed so much to his knowledge and approach to treatment. The field is constantly changing and growing and to see that in action has been very interesting and rewarding. It has been a nice change of pace, where I am seeing a lot of new techniques and approaches to treating the underlying causes to injury and not just the injury itself. While I do not have as much training or certifications as Bryan does and many not be able to perform all of the same techniques that he can, I will still be able to use so much of this knowledge in my upcoming career.

I have helped a much more diverse group of individuals, varying from high school athletes to older individuals who have fallen and need help strengthening to prevent this from occurring again. With this diverse group of individuals comes a large variety of injuries as well, although Bryan specializes in mostly lower body injuries, he does everything. I have learned so much more about manipulations and mobilizations than I thought possible and have seen a lot of new ways to perform soft tissue work. While I am not able to perform as much hands on activities in the clinic as I am at the school setting, I am learning so many new techniques, I have enjoyed being able to help patients through their rehabilitation and watch as Bryan performs a ton of manual therapy, which I will be able to use in my own practice.

Students in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program have an immersive field experience in the summer between their two professional years in the program. This blog post details a student's reflection on their experience.

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