June 24, 2021

SLU AT Student Enjoys Clinical Experience with Collaborative Team in a Highly Competitive Setting at Ole Miss

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - University of Mississippi Athletics
By: Maddie Cavanaugh (MAT Class of 2022)

This summer, I have had the opportunity to gain experience at Ole Miss with the football team. I was thrilled to be able to learn and enhance my skills at a NCAA Division I, Power-Five university for a full summer conditioning and fall camp season. Getting experience in the setting that I want to pursue has been phenomenal. My preceptor, Kevin Keys, MS, ATC, LAT, PES, has helped me integrate into the program and has given me unique opportunities to enhance my skills early on. I also have the ability to learn under Ole Miss Football Head Athletic Trainer, Pat Jernigan, MS, ATC, LAT, PES, and Assistant Athletic Trainers Damian Willis, MBA, LAT, ATC, CSCS, and Mitchell Mazur, M.Ed, LAT, ATC. Each of the athletic trainers that I am learning with provide a unique skillset that I am able to learn from.

One of the new techniques that I have been able to utilize during my time so far is Blood Flow Restriction. They are able to use BFR during many phases of the rehabilitation process to produce fatigued results with using very little weight and ensuring a lesser risk of injury during rehabilitation.

During my time here, I’ve also been able to experience the interprofessional relationships that the Ole Miss Health and Sports Performance staff has created. There is a very close relationship with the athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and the sports nutritionist to be able to ensure the health of the athletes is always coming first.

I am excited to spend the remainder of the summer down in Oxford, MS and I can not wait to continue to grow my skillset with Division I athletes.

Students in the Saint Louis University Athletic Training Program have an immersive field experience in the summer between their two professional years in the program. This blog post details a student's reflection on their experience.

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