April 25, 2023

SLU AT Student gains clinical experience with D1 athletic programs

By: Alex Smith (MAT Class of 2023)

My name is Alex Smith, and I am a PY2 in the athletic training curriculum. My clinical site is at Saint Louis University. I am fortunate enough to collaborate alongside the preceptors in the athletic training facility at a division I collegiate level. My preceptor for this clinical experience is Elena Mellilo, ATC. 

I am fortunate to participate in athletic training duties with my preceptor that covers cross country, track and field, and women’s basketball. Each day, I am able to assist with therapeutic treatments on the patients, monitor practice, and then provide recovery regimens after. The experience has been nothing but exciting. New injuries that I have gotten little exposure of or have even seen have occurred while at my site. This experience has also helped me build my professional development as I can understand how to manage a division I level collegiate team. I obviously am thankful for all the patients that I have worked with and have understood my role. And a special gratitude to my preceptor, Elena, for giving me the opportunities to grow as a future athletic trainer. 

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