May 04, 2011

SLU AT Students Conduct Football Injury Simulation

On Wednesday May 4, 2011, Saint Louis University Athletic Training Students worked together to conduct a lifelike simulation where they manage a catastrophic football injury using the (METI) Human Patient Simulator in the Clinical Simulation Lab on the Medical Center Campus at SLU.  The manikin they used created an extremely accurate representation of the experiences they would have in managing this type of situation.  For more information about the Clinical Simulation Lab go to:

Faculty members Tony Breitbach and Jason Bennett worked with School of Medicine Education Specialist Wesley Burch to develop a scenario where a group of students managed a football player with a possible cervical spine injury.  During the simulation the patient stopped breathing and lost his pulse.  The students had to work together to: position the patient, manage the equipment, treat the patient and prepare the patient for transport.  The students were observed and videotaped. A debriefing session was conducted afterwards to review their performance and recommend improvements for the future.  This is an invaluable resource to have for our students.

Ann Schmerbauch and Jason Bennett prepare "Brad" for the simulation.

The scenario began with the patient lying face down.

The patient had to be properly positioned.

After managing the equipment, CPR was initiated.

The faculty monitored and managed the scenario from the control room.

A spine board was used for transportation.
The debriefing session was very helpful in providing feedback.

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