May 25, 2011

Welcome SLU MAT Class of 2013!

A special welcome goes out to the Saint Louis Uinversity students who look to graduate with a Master of Athletic Training degree in May of 2013 as they begin the professional phase of the program this week.  The Class of 2013 has 14 students who are matriculating from the pre-professional phase of the program at SLU and 7 post-baccalaureate students who received their degrees elsewhere. 

They are taking 2 classes this summer:  ANAT 400-Gross Anatomy and MAT 501-Principles of Athletic Training.  The Department of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training sponsored a luncheon in the Multipurpose Room of the Allied Health Building on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 to welcome the AT & PT students to their respective professional phases.

Rohini Jaglan, Tasneem Zaki, Mary Finkenkeller, Erin Eisenhard, Alex Sawyer and Adriana Black

Desiree Ramirez, Emily Grace, Sarah (Harville) Hall, Ryan Vallo and Derrick Neuner

Sarah Schaefer, Maggie Meier, Adam Long, Rachel Cocek and Katie Herington

Katie Schneebeck, Lizzy Kienstra, Bridget Quirk, Janese Evans and Libby Deiters

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