November 10, 2011

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Lutheran High School South

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their clinical instructor. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction is a major asset for the SLU AT education program.

Lutheran High School South
By: Ryan Vallo (MAT Class of 2013) 

Home of the Lancers!
My first clinical experience is working with certified athletic trainer Nikki Duncan at Lutheran High School South.  I assist her in covering every sport from field hockey to wrestling.  Working with so many sports allows me to see multiple injuries that may be due to sport specific activities.  Nikki helps me assess these injuries, develop a plan of action, and progress the athlete back to return to play.  This clinical experience has allowed me to be hands on with athletes and further my professional skills.  Not only is this experience about educational improvement, but it has allowed me to develop a great relationship with Nikki.  She is always there to critique me when it comes to my professional skills such as prophylactic taping techniques, stretching, and strengthening exercises.  Nikki shows me that their is always way to improve upon something.  Nikki always wants me to push myself past what I knew before and continue to learn and grow.
Nikki Duncan ATC (left) pictured with SLU AT student Ryan Vallo (right)

During our down time in the athletic training room, Nikki helps me prepare for classes such as musculoskeletal assessment and  therapeutic modalities.  We try to take what I am learning in the classroom and translate the material to a clinical practicum setting.  The correlation between the two allows me to take skills I have learned and fine tune them.  I really enjoy working at the high school setting and developing a relationship with Nikki.  I will not forget the skills she has taught me as I progress through the professional phases of this program and my career.

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