November 12, 2011

SLU AT Clinical Site Spotlight - Fontbonne University

This is one of a series of posts by the Saint Louis University Athletic Training students featuring their clinical site and their clinical instructor. The number, quality and diversity of clinical instruction is a major asset for the SLU AT education program.

Fontbonne University
By: Mary Finkenkeller and Maggie Meier (MAT Class of 2013)

We are enjoying our first clinical rotation at Fontbonne University, a NCAA Division III school in Clayton, MO. Fontbonne University has 2 full time Athletic Trainers, Andrea Christensen ATC and Brooklyn Dunihoo ATC, on staff working with all of the sports teams. We are lucky because we have the opportunity to work with not only the soccer team, but also the volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, golf, cross country, and lacrosse.  Working with all the sports teams is a wonderful opportunity for us to see all kinds of injuries. We’ve e observed and evaluated not only the common ankle and knee injuries with soccer, but also shoulder and back injuries with volleyball and basketball.
SLU AT student Mary Finkeller, Brooklyn Dunihoo ATC, Andrea Christensen ATC, and SLU AT student Maggie Meier work together in their clinical experience at Fontbonne University.
Counterbalancing each other perfectly, Andrea and Brooklyn are great ACIs who work very well together as a team.  Andrea is an encyclopedia of Athletic Training and teaches us all about the fundamental knowledge behind the skills that Athletic Trainers perform and why we perform them. Brooklyn is more of a hands-on teacher who believes you learn best by doing and provides more practice for us in the training room.  Since beginning our clinical rotation at Fontbonne, our knowledge of athletic training has changed and greatly improved.  We now understand more fully the impact athletic trainers have on athlete’s lives and the vital skills we provide in tough situations.  Our experiences at Fontbonne have made us more excited to keep learning more about athletic training and keep improving throughout the SLU AT program.

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